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TradeWiseFX is an STP/ECN forex broker serving retail clients worldwide in over 50 countries.

Tradewise brings you world class service for trading spot forex instruments, CFDs and metals. We work with every client individually according to their needs as we demand ourselves to give high level service.

We are registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with the local Financial Services Authority at James Street, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines. We are in accordance with all international rules and regulations. Your funds are held in a European Union regulated bank. You can find all legal documentation here: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure and Refund Policy.

Lightning fast trades execution

We believe the success of a trader comes from a well thought out and executed trading strategy and the best trading commissions considering speed of trade execution and cost of trading. This is where we try to excel giving some of the best rates and best located servers to your service as possible. Go ahead and try it!

On top of the markets

No man is a mountain. We believe the best traders come from the best communicators out there. This means actively participating in conversations in the forex community and taking part in all the educational resources there are. We try to provide help and ideas on all the issues you might have and share it across different mediums. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, company news and the email list for the latest news, research, offers and to just participate in the conversation.

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"A very good broker. High speed order execution, low сommission, quality service."

- Evgenij R.